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Welcome to the World of English interactive exercises!

This is a collection of interactive exercises for learners of English to practise the grammar and vocabulary of the language.

There are exercises on vocabulary, word formation, tenses, idioms, prepositions, adverbs, word order... even on pronunciation, although there is no sound!

The exercises come in various forms - games of hangman or memory, multiple choice or cloze (gap-filling) exercises and others. They are based on Java applets, which means that your browser must have Java enabled.

You can dive into the exercise collection or do the exercises one by one. The first way will probably be a bit slower for the first exercise but quicker to move on to others. If you want to bookmark a single exercise, you need to do them one by one.

Let me know if you have any trouble using these exercises, or if you would like me to write an exercise for you to practise something that's not here, or if you have any question about the English language.

By the way, if you'd like to make up your own language exercises like these, have a look at my EFL teachers' resources site.

Have fun!

Exercise Collection | Exercises One by One | For Teachers | Contact