"The problem is this", said Goddo. "I have said 'Sit!' but nobody sits."

"I see," said the consultant.

"And I have said 'Stand!' but nobody stands."

"Yes, very problematic," said the consultant.

"I have said 'Come!' but nobody comes."

"Quite a difficult one, this," said the consultant.

"And I have said 'Go!' but nobody goes."

"Yes, okay, I get the idea," said the consultant.

"And I would have said 'Eat!', but I didn't think anybody would have eaten, so I didn't bother."

"Very wise, very wise," said the consultant.

"And I might have said 'Drink!' but..."

"All right, all right," said the consultant. "I understand the problem."

"Well?" said Goddo.

"Well," said the consultant. "You seem to have a problem here. I'll have to think about this."

And the consultant thought, and Goddo watched as the consultant thought...and thought...

And Goddo said, "Will this take long?"

But the consultant went on thinking, and said nothing.

And Goddo thought, "Who's paying for this?"

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