"But of course!" cried the consultant suddenly. "That's it! I've got it!"

And Goddo said, "What have you got?"

"The answer!" said the consultant. "The answer to your problem. I've got the answer to your problem."

And Goddo said, "And what is the answer?"

"A subject!" said the consultant. "You need a subject."

And Goddo said, "A subject?"

"Yes, a subject. You need someone to do all these verbs. It's no use having a verb if you haven't got a subject. Subjects are people who do verbs, so without a subject nobody does your verbs. It's as simple as that. Just get yourself a subject."

And Goddo looked at the consultant and said, "You are indeed a wise man. You shall have your reward in heaven."

"Well, actually..." began the consultant.

And Goddo said, "But your work is not finished. You must obtain a subject for me."

"Just a moment," said the consultant. "I can't get you a subject. I'm only a consultant. I can only advise you what to do. I can't do it for you. And besides, you are the creative one, aren't you?"

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