On the sixth day, Goddo created a subject.
Goddo created the body and the head.
He created the arms and the legs.
And Goddo spoke to the subject.
Goddo said, "Come!"...
...and the subject came.
And Goddo smiled with satisfaction.
Goddo said, "Sit!"...
...and the subject sat.
And Goddo beamed blissfully.
He said, "Stand!"...
...and the subject stood.
And Goddo jumped for joy.
He said, "Sing!", and the subject sang.
When Goddo heard the subject singing,
he danced in delight.
He danced to the music of the subject's song,
and the song was so beautiful
(I'm not so sure about the dancing)
that when the song was finished,
Goddo took the subject in his arms and said,
"Oh, my subject, how beautifully you sing!
I shall call you Adamo."

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